Yearly tuition at Huree costs only $1,000, yet more than half of the students cannot afford this amount. Neither can they afford just $1 each day for lunch.

By donating $100 a month, churches and individuals can enable one student to realize the dream of attending Huree for a full year and receiving what is often their only hot meal of the day. A $200 donation provides a daily hot meal for one student. $1,000 provides a full year of tuition. These fees are low because administrative costs are low. Your donation of any size goes a very long way—and right to every student’s education.

Huree attracts some of the most capable students in Mongolia. They are destined to play an important role in the future of the country, as well as the larger reason. That’s why it’s Central Asia’s Development University.  Your donated dollars will go a long way towards helping the best, brightest and most ethical young people realize their dreams and change the world.

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Huree University Foundation, Inc.
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Huree University Foundation, Inc
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“We are a mission school, driven to nurture leaders who will improve Mongolia’s economy and expand the Christian faith. But achieving our vision takes money. Everything from scholarships to hot lunches to future facilities depends on the compassion of Methodist churches around the world. Like most Mongolians, our students come from extremely poor backgrounds in both urban and rural areas. Over half of Huree’s students were raised by single mothers and many students are orphans. We feel deeply responsible for these young people. Each student’s success creates a better life, a better nation, and a better world.”

-G. Douglass Lewis, President Emeritus of Wesley Seminary in Washington, D.C. and Chair of the Huree University Advisory Board.