Affiliated Research Centers · Subsidiary Facilities & Centers

Huree University’s research sectors operate on a training support system with 21st century core technology to enrich the community. Its affiliated institutions operate in a variety of educational support systems.

University of Huree Elementary and High School: As a notable private elementary and secondary school, Huree provides high- quality education. The schools  have become some of the top private schools in Mongolia. The school system also includes Korean language education.

King Sejong Institute: Sejong Institute provides students with the latest Korean language learning materials and talented instructors. We offer the best Korean language education and training services to students in Huree University.

Society Education Institute: Using the university’s educational hardware, software, and international networks, we can provide more practical and sophisticated technology to local communities and their residents, to improve their expertise.

Korea Saemaul Undong: Students are  to volunteering, conducting research, and improving the local development of Mongolian society with Korean Saemaeul Undong.

Korean Studies Institute: The Korean Studies Institute provides Mongolian students and other members with research services on Korean studies, education and history .

Smart Green Design Lab: This is an architectural design research center that leads the improvement of Mongolia’s urban environment by researching environmentally friendly energy, new materials and technologies.

Huree Student Council: Huree strives to support students’ welfare and an advantageous school year. For that reason, the Huree student council hosts and prepares events for their school such as; Huree Festival, Huree Sports Festival, the Student’s New Year’s Eve Party, and the entrance ceremony, etc.

Huree Tidings: The University’s students and faculty all participate in creating the newspaper. Editing and reporting are handled by the students under the supervision of a professor.